Food for thought

The leader can be you

  1. First step to success is to identify your own leader qualities.
  2. Communication is built on top on trust relations.
  3. Motivation cannot be imposed. People must want to work well.
  4. Nothing is more effective and satisfying than to show interest in others.
  5. Overcome your limits in order to discover what’s important for the others.
  6. Nothing is more convincing that being a good listener.
  7. Those who work in teams they are tomorrow’s leaders.
  8. The bedrock of motivation is the profound respect for others.
  9. People work for money, but they excel because of recognition and reward.
  10. Recognise your mistakes with generosity and be stingy with criticism. Above all be constructive.
  11. Make your objectives clear, stimulating and realistic.
  12. True leaders never lose their focus. They look at the bigger picture.
  13. Consistent performances are the result of a balance between work and free time.
  14. Draw your force from the positive aspects. Do not let negative aspects undermine your success.
  15. Chase away your worries and live dynamically.
  16. Never underestimate the power of enthusiasm.

15% of the financial success of an engineer is driven by the technical knowledge, and 85% due to his “human engineering” abilities .

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