B-Tree index structure

At some point we all worked with a relational database. We all had problems with query performance and we fixed them usually by first looking at indexes. We looked at the columns, at the foreign key for the presence of an index. We noticed there some kind of B-tree structure. Now I'm gonna explain how… Continue reading B-Tree index structure


Profiling with Spring

Every application should have functional and non-functional tests. Non-functional include load and performance. So what happens when we do not meet the performance requirements? Obviously we try to figure out what is going on. This is called profiling. In this post I will write about how to profile an application with spring. Photo by João Silas on Unsplash… Continue reading Profiling with Spring


How many exceptions?

We all know what exceptions are. We have checked and unchecked exceptions in java. Checked exceptions are for recovering. Like reading a file from disk. public class ReadFile { private AtomicInteger retryCount = new AtomicInteger(0); private static final int maxRetries = 3; private static Logger log = getLogger(ReadFile.class.getName()); private String readFromFile(String fileLocation) { StringBuilder resultStringBuilder… Continue reading How many exceptions?