Test your code

Code review flavors

I have seen lots of people who are doing code reviews and others who think it's just waste of time or they are not convinced about it. The latter are probably defensive and don't want for others to tell them how good or bad is their code. And most probably they don't write any kind… Continue reading Code review flavors


Microservice versioning

Why do we need to version our microservices? Microservices are basically APIs. These are consumed by the clients. We should be able to evolve them without any impact to the clients. We should not force the clients to use the new changes in services and more importantly this should not break the clients. There must… Continue reading Microservice versioning


Which git strategy should I use?

There are currently 4 branching strategies and with this post you should be able to know when to use them. In which situations one is more appropriate than the other? Without further ado, let's jump into them. Centralized strategy This is suitable for teams that are migrating from old style subversion to git. You heard… Continue reading Which git strategy should I use?